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Network providers

Southwark Works is a network of employment support organisations who have come together to help you find the right (or a better) job.  All the organisations listed here make up the Southwark Works network and depending on their area of expertise, will support you no matter what your particular challenge or issue may be. Contact us if you would like to find out more about any of the network providers listed below.

The organisations are:

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St Giles Trust

The St Giles Trust are a charity using expertise and real-life past experiences to empower people who are not getting the help they need. People held back by poverty, exploited, abused, dealing with addiction or mental health problems, caught up in crime or a combination of these issues and others. They show people there is a way to build a better future – for themselves and those they care about -and help them create this through support, advice and training. For Southwark Works, they support ex-offenders, people with substance use, and young people 16-25 with learning disabilities or involvement with the criminal justice system.

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Renaisi are an organisation that helps people and places to thrive by:

  • supporting people to learn, work and connect with their community;
  • helping organisations to understand and evaluate their impact on communities;
  • and by challenging themselves to answer the question: what does it take to improve a place?

  • For Southwark Works, they offer employability support to the long term unemployed, people aged 50+ and those with health conditions and disabilities. They also engage with a number of employers in order to source opportunities for Southwark clients.

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South London & Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust

The South London & Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust provides the Work Well Advice Line for anyone experiencing mental health problems who is unemployed or experiencing employment difficulties. Mental health staff or carers may also call the Work Well Advice Line for information or advice on behalf of their patient/person they are caring for. The Work Well Advice Line number is 020 3228 2041. For more information, please visit Work Well

Those experiencing mental health symptoms and not currently receiving any support are encouraged to access Talking Therapies Southwark. The referral process is quick and easy and can be done online or by phone. Once with Talking Therapies Southwark, a therapist referral can be made for employment support - a member of the employment team will then be in touch to arrange a registration appointment.

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Get Set UK

Get Set UK – Established in 2009, Get Set UK successfully deliver a range of Government funded programmes to support people to make positive changes in their lives. They offer innovative and reliable solutions to support people to obtain real employer-led skills, information, advice and guidance, job opportunities and vocational training. For Southwark Works they engage with a number of large scale employers in the care, health and social care and customer service sectors – providing a wealth of local jobs and opportunities for Southwark residents.

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Unity Works (Camden Society, Bede and Toucan)

Unity Works is a consortium of organisations - Camden Society, Bede and Toucan - who support people with learning disabilities & difficulties. Unity Works is part of the Thera Group of companies.

They support people to become more confident, improve their physical and mental health so they can live truly independent lives and take steps towards employment. They support people with a learning disability to develop their careers; taking first steps in identifying and applying for work, to progressing within the career of their choice. Their social enterprises across London, including cafes, a mailing fulfilment business and a garden centre, create opportunities for people with a learning disability and enable them to showcase their talents.

They work with employers to create more diverse and inclusive workplaces, to support them to become accredited Disability Confident employers, and to promote the business case for employing people with a learning disability.

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Thames Reach

Thames Reach – is a charity that supports people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. For Southwark Works, they provide bespoke, job-related support for Southwark residents at risk of homelessness.

To access Southwark Works, you can contact them via to arrange an appointment with one of their employment advisers. You can also request a referral on your behalf via your Jobcentre Plus work coach or keyworker.

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Step Ahead

Step Ahead – Matching properly recruited, motivated, skilled staff, well-prepared for a variety of roles, is what Step Ahead does. Using two decades of employability training, highly effective candidate development, apprentices and practical support in the workplace. They have access to many different roles and, in partnership with private sector employers, the public sector, Jobcentre Plus and a number of further education partners, Step Ahead coaches clients through their highly successful courses to develop their employability skills for specific roles and sectors. There are many roles they work with – permanent, flexible, contract and apprentices. It’s their job to help you to achieve what you want and need. For Southwark Works, they provide employability training and engage with employers across a range of sectors to maximise local opportunities.

Twin UK

Twin UK – has products and services to help jobseekers and employers with employment and training. We match jobseekers to employers and vice versa, creating the perfect partnership and an effective employment solution. If you are a jobseeker, they aim to change your life through work and training opportunities, no matter what your background, educational level, previous experience or personal goals are.

As an employer, they aim to fulfil your training and recruitment problems, providing effective solutions with advice and support from their dedicated team. For Southwark Works, Twin UK work with young people (16-25) who are disadvantaged and/or at risk of long - term unemployment.