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Healthcare Security Officer

Reference number: SW-014387
  • Job Type: Full-time
  • Employer: Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital – NHS
  • Location: Guy’s & St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust
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Job Summary

  • To work with fellow Healthcare Security Officers to provide a professional security service that will protect, offer advice, investigate and act in an endeavour to create and maintain a safe and crime-free environment for staff, patients and visitors 24 hours a day, 365 days per annum.
  • To work with and alongside, other Trust colleagues to ensure that staff, patients and visitors are assisted, at all times and in any appropriate matters, in a manner that reflects positively on the Trust and the service.
  • The security team throughout the Trust are required to balance the needs of the visitors experience with the security of the premises. Good interpersonal skills with strong oral communication are essential. Officers will be required to maintain a high level of personal appearance, be physically fit and able to conduct themselves appropriately in a customer facing role at all times. The ability to work as a team member and to support colleagues in the completion of their duties are essential within this role. 
  • To act as an ambassador for the Department, Directorate and the Trust ensuring that their conduct is of the highest professional level.


Key Relationships

  • Accident & Emergency, Evelina London Children’s Hospital (ECLH), Women’s services, all clinical and non-clinical areas


Duties and Responsibilities 

  • To patrol the internal & external grounds of Guy’s & St Thomas NHS Foundation Trust estate to protect the buildings and its contents from fire and theft as directed by the Security Team Leader.
  • To maintain all equipment and uniform supplied in a clean and presentable manner, full uniform must be worn at all times while on duty in the line with the Trust’s Uniform Policy
  • To respond immediately to all fire alert calls, taking action in line with the Trust fire procedures, to minimise the risk to life and assets. To ensure fire escape routes are clear and equipment are in working order and fully accessible at all times and current relevant fire legislation is being complied with.
  • To respond to calls for security assistance from Emergency Department medical staff or Mental Health teams to assist with patients being held or assessed under the Mental Health Act (MHA) and Mental Capacity Act (MCA)
  • To conduct patient monitoring roles as requested by security management or clinical leads. To record all actions on the relevant Trust records
  • To respond to calls from ward/department staff to deal with patients who are being violent, abusive, disruptive or have absconded from the ward, assess the situation and take appropriate action to resolve the situation taking relevant factors into consideration.
  • Ensure that visitors of all kinds are courteously received, assisted and directed in a manner which will reflect credit to the Trust.
  • To undertake duty escorts as required and directed by the Security Team Leader/Trust Operations Managers.
  • To report security defects or omissions throughout the estate in a timely and accurate manner.
  • To investigate, report and log all incidents. All crimes reported to, or discovered by, the security service will be investigated by them and/or the Metropolitan Police, depending upon the circumstances. To promote security awareness throughout the Trust.
  • Respond to intruder security alarms, inspect for signs of break-in, search for suspects, in a safe manner and liaise with the Police, if necessary.
  • Conduct checks on staff parking permits and blue badge holders to deter fraudulent use and to free up space for patients/staff.
  • To conduct crime prevention work when investigating crime throughout the Trust.
  • Monitor CCTV cameras of the perimeter of the estate and other public and strategic areas to prevent and detect crime, in accordance with the Data Protection Act (DPA) and RIPPA Legislation. To be fully aware of camera locations using digital technology.
  • Control the regulation of the movement of traffic, parking of vehicles whilst on Trust property and enforcement of the Car Parking Policy. This includes issuing parking tickets on hand held computer and down loading the information to the current company.
  • Monitor and control the car park system to ensure the car park is running smoothly and to log and report any faults immediately.
  • Receive reports of lost property and accept found personal property for safe keeping and help maintain the register of lost and found property. Ensure that all property once documented is taken to the security management officer for safe keeping where they will take active steps to trace owners and restore their property.
  • To enforce the Trust’s ‘No Smoking Policy’ by being tactful, diplomatic and assertive.
  • To enforce the Trust’s ID and Access Control Policy.
  • To deal with access control systems and ensure all ID badges are programmed by using the relevant access system once fully trained.
  • To ensure confidentially at all time, only releasing confidential information obtained during the course of employment to those acting in an official capacity.
  • To promote the Diversity, Equality & Inclusion principles ensuring that all staff and patients have equitable opportunities in accordance with Guy’s & St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust policies.
  • To undertake such other duties as may be required from time to time as are consistent with the responsibilities of the grade and the needs of the service.


The following statement forms part of all job descriptions:

The post holder is required to follow Trust policies and procedures which are regularly updated including: 

Confidentiality / Data Protection / Freedom of Information

Post holders must maintain the confidentiality of information about patients, staff and other health service business in accordance with the Data Protection Act of 2018. Post holders must not, without prior permission, disclose any information regarding patients or staff.   If any member of staff has communicated any such information to an unauthorised person, those staff will be liable to disciplinary action up to and including dismissal. Moreover, the Data Protection Act 2018 also renders an individual liable for prosecution in the event of unauthorised disclosure of information.

Following the Freedom of Information Act (FOI) 2000, post holders must apply the Trust’s FOI procedure if they receive a written request for information.

Information Governance

All staff must comply with information governance requirements. These includes statutory responsibilities (such as compliance with the Data Protection Act), following national guidance (such as the NHS Confidentiality Code of Practice) and compliance with local policies and procedures (such as the Trust’s Confidentiality policy). Staff are responsible for any personal information (belonging to staff or patients) that they access and must ensure it is stored, processed and forwarded in a secure and appropriate manner. 

Equal Opportunities

Post holders must at all times fulfil their responsibilities with regard to the Trust’s Equal Opportunities Policy and equality laws.

Health and Safety

All post holders have a responsibility, under the Health and Safety at Work Act (1974) and subsequently published regulations, to ensure that the Trust’s health and safety policies and procedures are complied with to maintain a safe working environment for patients, visitors and employees.

Infection Control

All post holders have a personal obligation to act to reduce healthcare-associated infections (HCAIs). They must attend mandatory training in Infection Control and be compliant with all measures required by the Trust to reduce HCAIs.  All post holders must comply with Trust infection screening and immunisation policies as well as be familiar with the Trust’s Infection Control Policies, including those that apply to their duties, such as Hand Decontamination Policy, Personal Protective Equipment Policy, safe procedures for using aseptic techniques and safe disposal of sharps.

Risk Management

All post holders have a responsibility to report risks such as clinical and non-clinical accidents or incidents promptly. They are expected to be familiar with the Trust’s use of risk assessments to predict and control risk, as well as the incident reporting system for learning from mistakes and near misses in order to improve services. Post holders must also attend training identified by their manager, or stated by the Trust to be mandatory. 

Flexible Working

As an organisation we are committed to developing our services in ways that best suit the needs of our patients. This means that some staff groups will increasingly be asked to work a more flexible shift pattern so that we can offer services in the evenings or at weekends. 

Safeguarding children and vulnerable adults

Post holders have a general responsibility for safeguarding children and vulnerable adults in the course of their daily duties and for ensuring that they are aware of the specific duties relating to their role.


It is the responsibility of all staff to minimise the Trust’s environmental impact by recycling wherever possible, switching off lights, computers monitors and equipment when not in use, minimising water usage and reporting faults promptly. 

Smoking Policy

The Trust is committed to providing a healthy and safe environment for staff, patients and visitors. Staff are therefore not permitted to smoke on Trust property or in Trust vehicles 

Review of this Job Description

This job description is intended as an outline of the general areas of activity and will be amended in the light of the changing needs of the organisation.   To be reviewed in conjunction with the post holder.


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Date posted: 07/09/2023

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