Reference number: SW-016624
  • Salary: £35,000 – £40,000 per year
  • Job Type: Jobs
  • Employer: Peckham Levels
  • Location: London
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Peckham Levels is a vibrant hub in London, dedicated to fostering arts, enterprise, and community engagement. Since its inception in 2017, it has transformed a former multi-story carpark into a dynamic space for artists, entrepreneurs, and residents of Peckham. The venue hosts a diverse range of public events spanning music, theatre, dance, comedy, visual arts, and more, showcasing grassroots talent.

At the core of Peckham Levels is the Lettings and Membership Manager role. This position plays a pivotal role in managing the rental spaces within the building, ensuring a seamless experience for tenants and contributing to the organization’s mission of fostering a thriving community.
Key responsibilities include:

  1. Lead Generation: Creating sales packs, managing leads, and cultivating partnerships to attract new business opportunities.
  2. Lettings Process: Drafting legal documents, managing lease renewals, and serving as the main point of contact for tenant inquiries.
  3. Document & Information Management: Maintaining accurate occupancy logs, handling financial aspects such as business rates, and ensuring all documentation is in order.
  4. Financial Management: Collaborating with the finance team on invoicing, reviewing pricing, and managing the commercial lettings budget.
  5. Membership Operations: Coordinating with venue support for membership-related activities, fostering communication with members, and organizing events to enhance community engagement.

● Proven experience in overseeing commercial lettings, preferably in a dynamic and multifaceted environment;
● Strong understanding of legal processes related to property leasing and management;
● Exceptional communication skills, both written and verbal, for effective collaboration with team members and stakeholders.

● Familiarity with property law and experience working with legal counsel;
● Knowledge of the local market and competitor pricing;
● Experience in membership management and delivering a seamless customer experience;
● Ability to contribute creative ideas for enhancing member engagement and community cohesion.

The ideal candidate should have proven experience in commercial lettings, a strong grasp of property leasing legalities, and excellent communication skills. Familiarity with property law, knowledge of the local market, and experience in membership management are desirable qualities. Additionally, the ability to contribute creative ideas for enhancing member engagement and community cohesion would be advantageous.

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