Reference number: SW-015405
  • Job Type: Full-time
  • Employer: Glendale
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Glendale are looking for a Arborist to join their team. To apply for the role, please send your CV and a cover letter to

Key responsibilities:
● On and off-ground arboricultural skills to include: branch removal with power saws and hand tools as required, the ability to perform aerial rescue
● Climbing arboricultural duties, including tree pruning, dismantling and felling
● On-ground arboricultural skills to include: tree felling with power saws and hand tools, brushwood chipping, traffic management, respect for health and safety, work site organisation
● Assist colleagues in their work, for example the complex breakdown of a tree’s crown and the dismantling of the stem
● Undertake basic arboricultural operations with appropriate regard for third party property, for example taking due care and attention when working adjacent to walls, fences, greenhouses, shed roofs and so on
● Undertake activities utilising underpinning knowledge, for example interpretation of plans, site preparation and management
● Operate a range of machinery, including power tools and light plant such as stump grinding or brushwood chipping machinery
● Drive company vehicles as required
● Ensure that the principles of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 are adhered to at all times, for personal safety and that of colleagues and the general public.

Health and Safety
To act in accordance with the Health and Safety at Work Act and the Glendale Health and Safety Policy at all times
● To carry out instructions from your Line Manager in accordance with Glendale’s Health and Safety Policy, Glendale’s Codes of Practice, Glendale’s Quality Management Systems and the Employee Handbook.
● To be knowledgeable of Health and safety regulations within your workplace and the activities that you are carrying out.
● Ensure you have completed the necessary induction and health and safety modules prior to commencement of any works.
● You must be responsible for the health and safety of yourself and that of others, in your working environment,
● To promote safe working practices at all times and to ensure that all equipment is safe to use.

Machine Maintenance and Security
● To ensure that you are knowledgeable of the suitability of all machinery/equipment used in accordance with the task you are doing and it is safe to use.
● To ensure the correct use of all machinery/equipment in accordance with its handbook.
● To ensure that any machinery/equipment that does not operate correctly is reported immediately to your Line Manager and a defect tag is filled out and attached.
● To ensure that any check/maintenance sheets are completed and passed to your Line Manager.
● To ensure that all machinery/equipment is secured at all times (when not in use).

Quality and Customer Care
In accordance with our ISO9001 Accreditation and the Glendale Quality Management Systems.
● To ensure that you are aware of your tasks and targets for each day and to ensure that you are fully aware of the standard required for each task.
● To monitor and maintain your work output to a satisfactory level and standard.
● To ensure that you conduct yourself in a polite and friendly manner at all times.
● To ensure that any associated administration is completed and returned to the office within the required timescales.

In accordance with our ISO14001 Accreditation.
● To ensure that you operate your duties in a way that minimises our impact upon the environment. This will include the safe and efficient use of fuels/oils, the correct handling and disposal of waste materials.
● To ensure that any spillage of fuels or chemicals are dealt with quickly and efficiently and in accordance with the regulations.

The above lists are not exhaustive and you may be required to undertake other duties as
may be reasonably required by the company. If you are unsure of any of the above items it is your responsibility to raise them with your Line Manager.

A Skilled Arborist would be required to demonstrate that he/she had received adequate training and had obtained a relevant certificate of competence or national competence award to use a saw in a tree, and to demonstrate a sound understanding of the arboricultural business. The Arborist will be able to produce certificates of competence in relevant subjects, as issued by the NPTC, or other such bodies. A sample of suitable NPTC units is given below:

● 01 Climb Trees
● 02 Perform Aerial Rescue
● CS 30 Maintain and Operate the Chain Saw
● CS 31 Fell Small Trees
● CS 32 Fell Medium Size Trees
● CS 33 Fell Large Trees
● CS 34 Process Individual Windblow Trees
● CS 35 Process Multiple Windblow Trees
● CS 39 Use a Chain Saw From a Rope and Harness
● CS 40 Carry Out Pruning Operations
● CS 41 Undertake Sectional Felling
● CS42 Carry Out Stump Protection
● CS43 Felling Utility Poles
● CS44 Fell Standing Stems
● CS45 Arboricultural Ground Worker
● CS47 Use of Chainsaw From a MEWP
● First Aid Appointed Person
● Risk Assessment
● Roads and Streetworks Act Units 1 & 2
● PA1/PA6 Pesticides

Personal Characteristics
Among the personal characteristics sought will be:
● A high level of initiative and forward thinking attitude
● Flexible approach to duties
● An enthusiastic approach
● A clear identification with the requirements of Glendale’s customers

TITLE: Arborist
REPORTING TO: Contract Manager
GRADE: Apprentice
PENSION: Nest auto enrolment after 3 months
ANNUAL LEAVE: 28 days paid leave including 8 statutory bank holidays. 30 days paid leave including 8 statutory bank holidays after 5 years service

Benefits offered by Glendale:
● Employee health cash plan
●Employee discount portal – discounts on travel booking, high street vouchers, gift cards, cinema tickets, days out, leisure activities and your day to day spending
● Cycle to work scheme
● Company sick pay
● Career progression
● Training and development

Glendale Managed Services, the ‘green services’ division of Alston Investments Ltd, has
revenues of circa £50 million and operates throughout the UK. Glendale’s activities include
grounds management, arboriculture, landscaping, estate management, vegetation control,
woodland management, supply and relocation of plants and semi-mature trees, winter
services and the management of sports facilities.

At the forefront of green service provision across the UK since 1989, Glendale offers
innovative solutions for the total management and maintenance of the green
environment. For more information visit

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