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Reference number: SW-002983
  • Salary: £10.50
  • Job Type: Full-time
  • Employer: Southwark Council
  • Location: Southwark


Employer: Southwark Council

Hours: Full Time Shift Work MON – SUN 8-4PM/ 12-8PM

Pay: LLW £10.75 /hr

Contract: 2 weeks ONLY!

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  • Good command of English language
  • Good customer service skills
  • Good physical condition: have stamina and be able to stand and walk for the duration of the entire shift
  • Available for shift work Mon-Sun

Your day:

You will meet the team at a local destination (usually at a local library) and leave from there in pairs and deliver door to door COVID test kits to asymptomatic Southwark residents on some pre-allocated streets in the vicinity.

If you meet the requirements please email ASAP

  • Your Name/ Mobile/ Email 
  • An Electronic Photo ID (head to shoulders, white background)

Date posted: 22/02/2021

If you are a Southwark resident and would like help in applying for this job, or one that suits you, please register your interest below.

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