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Cargo Bike Rider

Reference number: SW-007736
  • Salary: £11.05
  • Job Type: Jobs
  • Employer: Cargo Bike Rider
  • Location: London SE1

Pedal Me are looking for cargo bike riders to join our expanding team. Full and part-time roles are available. Full training is provided. Pay rate is at least £11.05.p/h.

Who we are:

Pedal Me operates a large fleet of e-cargo bikes and custom trailers servicing a wide range of private and corporate customers across London. We deliver cargo and carry passengers. We are based in Ewer Street, SE1 and operate seven days a week (7am-6pm weekdays, 8am-5pm weekends).

Essential requirements for the job:

  • Calm, level-headed, friendly demeanour.
  • Resilience – riding all day is hard whatever the weather and traffic conditions, you will need the ability to push on through adversity when it happens.
  • Problem solving skills – you will be supported throughout the day, but there are times you will need to problem solve under time pressures – e.g. how to load the bike efficiently; find the smartest routes; how to locate a hard to find customer.
  • Strong communication skills – we need you to be an effective and positive communicator, both with the rest of the Pedal Me team, and with our customers.
  • Relishing a challenge – our work is time sensitive and very busy!
  • Be comfortable cycling in a range of urban environments. An interest in cycling and bikes is desirable, and a good working knowledge of navigating in London is advantageous.

What we provide:

  • City & Guilds assured professional cargo bike training, covering bike handling as well as road riding skills. We’re here to replace vans, meaning you’ll take things that go in vans. We will give you the skills, techniques and confidence you need to do this well.
  • A fair wage and guaranteed hours – we employ all our staff and provide regular hours. You will accrue paid annual leave and be covered by a sick pay policy. All riders earn the London living wage as a minimum, and average pay is often above that.
  • Our eye-catching pink uniform and a work phone.
  • Out of work access to a cargo bike – we are very happy for you to use your bike for personal errands (non commercial obviously).
  • Opportunities for career development – as a rapidly growing business, regularly provide opportunities for promotion to more senior roles within the company.
  • An employee equity scheme. After working with us for a while you will be offered a  stake in the company.


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Date posted: 17/12/2021

Originally found on: Southwark Works

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