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Pret A Manger Team Member / Team Member Star

Reference number: SW-006500
  • Salary: £9.40 per hour
  • Job Type: Jobs
  • Employer: Pret A Manger
  • Location: Southwark

Pret A Manger Team Member or Team Member Star works as part of a team in a Pret shop in the kitchen, front of house and delivery.
They follow the 4 core Pret behaviours as a Team Member in all aspects of their work: Passion, Team Working, Clear Communication and Great Execution.

They are responsible for creating an efficient & welcoming environment engaging and “wowing” our customers and producing great quality Pret food.

Key focuses for the role are team work, 6 key points of service, 6 key points of production, cleanliness and productivity.

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Pret A Manger TM/TM* Key responsibilities

Right Pret People: Team Work

  • To maintain good relationships with all of the shop’s team.
  • To take on jobs to balance workload across team.
  • To work in any area FOH and Kitchen, as requested by your manager (Hot Food, Coffee, etc)
  • To work together to ensure the FOH and Kitchen and delivery business is the best it can be.
  • To have a good knowledge of Pret standards in all areas of the shop.
  • To understand the importance of the Hot Chef and Barista roles and have completed the training in these areas, as outlined in the TM*
  • training plan.
  • TM Star: To be an “Ace in Place” within your shop team. To act as a role model to other TMs demonstrating good Pret knowledge.

Amazing Service: 6 Key Points of Service

  • To always follow the 6 Key Points of Service.
  • To serve customers efficiently, politely and quickly in an engaging manner.
  • To take the time to respond to customers’ needs delivering outstanding and amazing service.
  • To complete F/O to Pret standards maintaining beautiful Langars, merchandising and seating areas.
  • To bust queues through speed of service and calling to customers.
  • To wear a clean and immaculate uniform at all times whilst on shift.
  • To ensure products are presented in bags or on trays according to Pret standards.
  • TM Star: To consistently have high performance in till speed and accuracy.

Delicious Food & Drink: 6 Key Points of Production

  • To create delicious food according to Pret standards in an efficient, safe environment.
  • To always follow the 6 Key Point of Production.
  • To ensure stock is rotated and used according to standard.

Well Loved Shop: Cleanliness and Health & Safety

  • To complete the Introduction to Pret course (classroom London, workbook UK Regions) and pass the Pret Food Hygiene test
  • To adhere to all aspects of kitchen health & safety and food safety in accordance with Pret standards.
  • To inform the shop management team of any safety concerns immediately.
  • I am responsible for ensuring I follow Food Safety Standards; and for the Health and Safety of my team and customers. I complete all training, to enable me to understand the Pret standards and safety processes I must follow. I ensure I follow these processes at all times. I immediately tell my Manager when I believe standards or processes are not being met.

Shop Profitability: Productivity

  • To complete and pass all TM and TM* training in a timely manner
  • To adhere to financial standards on tills.
  • TM Star: To consistently have high performance in bench productivity while maintaining good MTS quality

After successfully graduating as a TM* there are three TM* ‘Specialist Roles’ that are available to those who are identified to progress: TM* Coffee, TM* Hot Food, TM* Training. See below each TM*‘Specialist Roles’ additional responsibilities:

Pret A Manger TM* Training Key Responsibilities:

  • To support the TMT with Pret Experience Days delivered to Pret standard as required.
  • To assist the TMT with training sessions during TM 10 day training and TM Star training.
  • To support the TMT in catching People doing things right, providing training support and motivation to the team including regular feedback to the TMT regarding trainees.
  • To support TMT with annual retraining sessions and adhoc training.
  • To role model the 6 Key Points of Service and Production.
  • To role model all aspects of FOH and Kitchen health & safety and food safety in accordance with Pret standards.
  • To ensure all How to Cards are used and kept updated.
  • To inform the shop management team of any Safety concerns immediately.
  • To deputise in the absence of the TMT.

Pret A Manger TM* Coffee Key Responsibilities

  • To follow Pret’s dress code and be immaculately presented, wearing the correct “Team Coffee” uniform when working on coffee.
  • To ensure Coffee calling is clear and to call down the queue.
  • To engage with customers about Pret’s Coffee story to ensure Pret Buzz.
  • To serve Barista Prepared Drinks within a reasonable time.
  • To make all Barista Prepared Drinks to Pret standards.
  • To maintain milk/Coffee quality through tasting and weighing relevant Barista prepared drinks and reporting any quality issues to your manager.
  • To carry out the 5 point check to ensure you are set for success and to adhere to all aspects of health & safety and food safety in accordance with Pret standards.
  • To deputise in the absence of the Barista.

Pret A Manger TM* Hot Food Key Responsibilities:

  • To bake products for the till counter and hot Langer.
  • To check and record hot food core temperatures to Pret standards.
  • To check and record hot food equipment temperatures to Pret standards.
  • To support the 10 days TM* training for Hot Food.
  • To Monitor and maintain selection during breakfast and lunch.
  • To ensure Hot Food equipment is set for success at the beginning of each shift.
  • To ensure the counter and croissanterie are set for success at the start of the shift.
  • To deputise in the absence of the Hot Food Chef.

Pret Behaviours

  • Passion
  • Team Working
  • Clear Communication
  • Great Execution

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Date posted: 05/10/2021

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