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Early years Kitchen Assistant

Reference number: SW-009769
  • Salary: £9.56
  • Job Type: Jobs
  • Employer: London Early Years Foundation
  • Location: SE15

Early years Kitchen Assistant

Scope of the role:

  • To assist in the effective planning, safe preparation, and delivery of nutritionally
    well balanced meals.
  • To assist in the general housekeeping duties of the nursery, and to maintain a safe
    and healthy environment.
  • To protect and promote the safeguarding and welfare of the children.

Main Duties and Responsibilities:

  • To assist in the preparation/service of all meals (Lunch, Snacks, and Tea)
    ensuring they are attractively presented, and all dietary requirements are
  • To maintain high standards of hygiene and safety in the nursery and
    especially the kitchen (Temperature and cleaning charts).
  • To maintain high standards of personal hygiene and safety (wearing the
    correct PPE, protecting you and the food)
  • To assist in the storage of food in accordance with Health and Safety
    Legislation, Requirements and Guidance.
  • To work within the LEYF’s Healthy eating and Allergy Policies (Understanding the importance of them)
  • To assist with the clean up after all meals – wash up, loading and unloading of the dishwasher as necessary, etc.
  • To take responsibility to ensure that all kitchen laundry is done.
  • To maintain the safety of kitchen equipment and appliances, reporting any faults to chef – or manager when chef is on annual/sick leave.
  • To actively promote the Equal Opportunities Policy within all aspects of the
  • To take responsibility for the implementation of the Health and Safety Policy within their role.
  • To Receive supervision and trainings.
  • To act as a reliable team member; participate and work well with the nursery team, and attend meetings and LEYF events as requested by the nursery manager.
  • To work flexibly (in relation to time, new ideas and helping other team
  • To assist when/if required with any proposed cooking activities with the children in the nursery. Acting has an ambassador for the ‘Stay Fit and Healthy’ part of the LEYF Pedagogy.

Shared Duties and Responsibilities:

  • To continue to be aware of any changes to the dietary requirements of
    the children, updating allergy charts when necessary – with new children’s
    photos, allergies and treatments.
  • To be alert to issues of safeguarding and child protection, ensuring that the welfare and safety of children attending the nursery is promoted and safeguarded and to report any child protect concerns to the nursery safeguarding officer.

Key Relationships:
• Chef
• Nursery Leadership team
• Children
• Parents/Carers

  • Person Specification: Competencies and Experience Essential/Desirable Qualifications & Training
    City & Guilds level 2 in catering, or equivalent – Desirable
  • Basic Food Hygiene Certificate – Essential
  • Nutrition Qualification – Desirable
  • Allergy Awareness Qualification – Desirable

Experience/ Knowledge/ Skills

  • Preparing/cooking food in a child care setting – Desirable
  • Good hygiene practices – Essential
  • Ability to assess all stages of the food preparation process in accordance with HACCP – Essential
  • Store, prepare and cook food in accordance with Health and Safety – Essential
    Children’s dietary requirements (Understand the importance of following the guidelines within the Healthy eating and Allergy Policies) – Essential
  • Working effectively as part of a team. Essential
  • Work effectively on own initiative. Essential
  • Manage own time, plan ahead and work effectively under pressure – Essential
    Follow oral and written instructions from nursery management team. Essential

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Date posted: 16/05/2022

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