Closing date: 20240702
Reference number: SW-017484
  • Salary: £13.50/h
  • Job Type: Jobs
  • Employer: Green & Fortune
  • Location: London
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We have an amazing opportunity for a welcoming and friendly Catering Assistant to join Green & Fortune team.


Below is a list of core responsibilities for this role specifically:

  • To support the management in preparing and setting up buffets and/or other special food service tables/stations.
  • Ensuring that food is always handled, transported, and stored in accordance with food safety and Health and Safety standards.
  • To ensure that all events areas are clean and hygienic in order to comply with the Health and Safety regulations.
  • To assist with clearing and cleaning where necessary during service.
  • To assist with topping up guests’ drinks when necessary.
  • To acknowledge and respond to all guest requests and inquiries by bringing them to the attention of the management.
  • To constantly patrol assigned stations, refill beverages, and remove unnecessary service items and condiments.
  • To ensure that all banqueting equipment is stored correctly and that all banqueting aisles and storage areas are kept clean and organized.

To apply, contact your Southwark Works adviser.  If you live in Southwark and don’t have an Adviser, please complete the form below and someone will contact you.

Closing date: 02/07/2024

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