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Member Services Representative – Loan Department

Reference number: SW-004657
  • Salary: £21,158 - £28,000
  • Job Type: Full-time
  • Employer: London Mutual Credit Union
  • Location: Southwark

Role Purpose: To be responsible for the administration of all loan services.

Key Activities

  • To implement the LMCU Loan Policies and Procedures
  • To carry out credit checks on loan applicants as directed
  • Send text messages and emails to members in relation to loan applications
  • Download scanned and on-line loan applications and contact applicants
  • To maintain accurate and up to date records of all loan applications
  • To observe and uphold the best principles of customer care in discharging the duties of this post and achieving the Credit Union aims and objectives in delivering high stand­ards of care for member satisfaction
  • To observe and uphold the principles of Equality of Opportunity in discharging the duties of the post and securing the Credit Union’s aims and objectives
  • To implement and adhere to all procedures and policies introduced from time to time by the Credit Union and to undertake such other duties and responsibilities as are commensurate with the post.
  • To undertake any other duties from time to time as may be directed by the Manager of the Loan Department

Key Knowledge, Skills and Experience

  • Member Service Experience
  • Team player
  • Good literacy and numeracy skills
  • Ability to meet strict deadlines and targets
  • IT skills including word processing
  • Understands the loan application process and assessment criteria
  • Understands the credit control process
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Previous credit union experience or similar financial organisation
  • Awareness of financial inclusion issues
  • Knowledge of credit unions

Key Behaviours

  • Communications – Good spoken communication means you speak confidently, and fluently, in a way which holds others’ attention through the use of appropriate pace and level. If you have good written communication you are fluent, clear, concise and can adapt the style of your communication to suit the audience at which the communication is aimed
  • Team Working – A good team player fits in with the team, developing effective supporting relationships with their fellow team members by showing them consideration and creating a sense of team spirit.
  • Being Part of the Community – Being part of the community you work in and the family you work with means you recognise the value and importance of your local community and the value that the credit union can add and the importance of working with your colleagues in a manner that supports the community spirit.
  • Understanding Our Members – Understanding our members means that you have a thorough understanding of the needs of our members and you are able to use this knowledge to promote excellent customer service to maximise opportunities for the credit union.
  • Meeting and Managing Members Expectations – Meeting and managing member’s expectations means that you are able to provide a service to our members that meets their expectations whilst at the same time ensuring you do not over promise and disappoint our members which could impact on our service delivery.
  • Innovation and Creativity – Being innovative and creative means you are able to use creative and innovative approaches to the way in which you work. You are also able to see how these ideas fit into the success of the credit union in the longer term
  • Living the Values – Living the values means that you are able to understand the vision of credit union to be the “Number 1 ethical financial service provider in Southwark, Lambeth Westminster and Camden”. Its missions to;
  • Provide access to low-cost, high quality and ethical financial services to meet the financial needs of those who live or work in Southwark, Lambeth, Westminster and Camden.
  • Provide services to help address the causes of debt, financial exclusion and lack of access to reasonable credit.
  • Identify & work together with key stakeholders to meet those needs.
  • Commercial Awareness – Commercial awareness means that you utilise and understand the relationship between the external market, competitors and stakeholders to improve the external profile of the credit union. You are able to adapt to changing external factors and cultures. You create an environment that encourages the generation and exploration of innovative ideas and risk taking within regulatory limits.

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Date posted: 11/06/2021

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