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Early Years Practitioner (Level 2)

Reference number: SW-009766
  • Salary: £9.76 - £11.05
  • Job Type: Jobs
  • Employer: London Early Years Foundation
  • Location: Peckham - SE15

Early Years Practitioner:

To support the nursery team in implementing the LEYF Pedagogy and Values through planning and organising activities and experiences for a group of children aged between 3 months – 5 years. To protect and promote the safeguarding of children and to work in partnership with parents and carers.

Main Accountabilities:

Every employee at LEYF is expected to deliver outcomes that contribute to the LEYF mission- change the world one child at a time. This is done through living the LEYF Values and the LEYF pedagogy (lead learning of self and others).

The LEYF pedagogy is reflected in our social enterprise approach. It has been designed as 7 strands (listed below) in order to strengthen children’s social and cultural capital through language, social opportunities, cultural experiences and friendships.

Leading for Excellence

  • To role model excellent behaviours and attitudes, to motivate self and others. To undertake all nursery responsibilities as outlined.
  • To support the planning and organising of activities and experiences meeting the standards of best practice in childcare and development as well as the statutory requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum.
  • To work within LEYF’ Equal Opportunities Policy and contribute to maintaining an inclusive
  • To work within all the relevant LEYF policies and
  • To participate in the performance management framework and regularly attend supervision and any other meeting as necessary.
  • To maintain confidentiality as appropriate. To undertake any other tasks as requested by the Management Team or Central Office Team which are necessary for the smooth running of the nursery.
  • To provide cover in other nurseries in the local area as required by the Nursery To be an ambassador for LEYF.

Spiral Curriculum

  • To implement and embed the quality and excellence of the LEYF Pedagogy, paying particular attention to the individual needs of children.
  • To be a co-key person and support keypersons in maintaining children’s’ learning
  • To plan and organize activities and opportunities which reflect observations, assessments and record keeping.
  • To maintain objective, accurate and up-to-date records which identify children’s individual needs, abilities and progress and use these as a basis for future planning, and to create awe and wonder for children.
  • To communicate and engage with children to support their speech and language development using different methods i.e. Makaton, Pecs and extending vocabulary.

Enabling Environments

  • Ensure the nursery maintains and develops a learning environment that is inclusive and promotes children’s health, safety and physical, mental and emotional well-being. In line with the LEYF Pedagogy, this includes creating interest and fascination for children through play.

Harmonious Relationships

  • To communicate effectively and appropriately across the nursery team in a cheerful and friendly manner.
  • To develop successful working relationships, communicating effectively with members of the nursery team.
  • To work in partnership with parents both formally and informally, taking a lead on Pedagogical conversations with parents.
  • To support the management of children’s behaviour and routines in line with LEYF’s policies and
  • To support children, parents and carers during key transitions and appreciate the uniqueness of every child developing strong attachments with children.

Safe, Fit and Healthy

  • To be alert to issues of safeguarding and child protection, ensuring that the welfare and safety of children attending the nursery is promoted and safeguarded and to report any child protect concerns to the person in charge.
  • To promote wellbeing of self and others by contributing to an inclusive environment.
  • To undertake specific tasks related to the safety, hygiene and welfare of the children and the cleanliness of the nursery, maintaining a cleaning routine under the direction of the Nursery Leadership
  • To participate in outings and trips including Health and Safety elements.
  • Ensure children have plenty of opportunity to exert themselves physically and make healthy choices when eating and preparing meals.
  • To contribute to the nursery compliance and regular audit on HSE, ensuring effective implementation of all LEYF Health and Safety policies and procedures.

 Home Learning:

  • To initiate and support action research within the nursery, proactively ensure that LEYF Pedagogy remains aligned with modern and emerging researchers and trends.
  • To initiate Pedagogical conversations with parents providing updates on their children’s progress and next steps.
  • To develop strong relationships with parents where they feel supported to develop their children’s learning at home.
  • To encourage and support parents to engage in learning at home using iConnect to share learning observations and learning achievements, and to promote a range of techniques and activities.


  • To support relationships with other local organizations forging multi-generational links within the community.
  • To conduct yourself in a friendly, courteous and professional manner when talking to members of the public, parents and family members.

 The list is generally representative of the role, but other reasonable duties may be assigned to the job holder, consistent with the nature of the role and its level of responsibility.

1)    Relationships

Internal Relationships External Relationships
Area Operations Manager

Nursery Manager

Nursery Staff



Community Organisations & Businesses


 2)    Person Specifications

Qualifications Essential/Desirable
Qualified to level , NVQ Level (Early years) 2, BTEC CHILD E


Experience and Skills Essential/Desirable
Experience working with babies and children D
Sound knowledge of the EYFS D
Manage change in a positive way, bringing the team with you in order to achieve the desired outcome. D
Demonstrate effective Communication skills in every area, speaking, listening and writing as well as be able to give and receive constructive and coherent feedback. E
Ability to take clear, rational decisions and solve problems based on robust evidence and a solution focused approach. D
IT Literate – word/ excel/ outlook and Connect or equivalent IT system D
Evidence of continuous self-development and willingness to reflect and be role model to the team D
Describe a quality setting and demonstrate an ability to monitor and improve settings D
Plan and execute both self-initiated and delegated projects in a timely fashion using an action plan to meet the required criteria. D
Demonstrate how to lead, influence and nurture colleagues and stakeholders to a shared success. D
Demonstrable experience of engagement within the Community D
Understanding the dynamics of Social Impact D


Behaviours Level
Planning & Delivering

·         Planning and monitoring

·         Working strategically

·         Organisation and managing resources effectively

·         Prioritizing

·         Consistency of execution

·         Driving outcomes

·         Making decisions.










·         Influencing

·         Communication

·         Networking

·         Partnering

·         Storytelling







Developing People

·         Development themselves

·         Developing talent

·         Coaching others

·         Encouraging quality and inclusivity and embrace and value diversity

·         Valuing others







Living the Values

·         Leading with Social Purpose

·         Applying the Pedagogy especially Leading for a Culture of Excellence

·         Contribution to the Values






Generating Ideas

·         Encouraging, challenge and building culture

·         Shares and capture organizational learning

·         Being change minded

·         Thinking creatively






Creating a Nurturing & High Performing Team

·         Collaborating with others

·         Building trust in relationships

·         Showing compassion

·         Role modelling accountability







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Date posted: 16/05/2022

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