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From part-time positions to local fixed-term roles, we cater for a diverse mix of skillsets and career goals.  

Southwark residents who are eligible to work in the UK can also register for our free employment support services.

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If you’re interested in one of our London job ads, you can contact our team. You’ll also find more information about Southwark Works below. 

Already registered with Southwark Works? Give your adviser a call or message and they’ll give you all the information you need to apply for our advertised jobs. Make sure to relay key information such as the job title, per annum salary (if relevant), date posted (e.g. 7 days ago), your name and contact details.

Southwark Works:
Who we are, how we work and how we can help

Southwark Works is a free employment service for any resident of the borough who has the right to work in the United Kingdom. Offering highly tailored services, we work with locals of all age groups and backgrounds, providing a community hub for those looking for new jobs in London.

Some people we work with haven’t been employed for over a decade and are returning to the job market after raising their children. Others may have taken some shift work a few days ago but are encountering problems finding stable or fixed-term London jobs. Particularly in the wake of COVID-19, recently we have assisted a large number of people who have re-entered the London job market, from the graduate looking for their first role to the experienced individual who was hoping to claim their pension soon. As an Equal Opportunities organisation and an affiliate of Southwark Council, Southwark Works also provides support for adults with physical, mental or learning disabilities. 

Working one-on-one with job seekers, our team of qualified advisers are able to provide as little or as much support as you need. Services include finding the right position or apprenticeship for you, assistance with CV writing, interview preparation, financial advice, per annum salary negotiation, contract management and much more. We know our highly tailored approach delivers results as we’ve helped thousands of Southwark residents find employment. 

Although the way we work depends entirely on the individual. Someone who wants a fixed per annum salary in a certain sector will have a different experience to a job seeker who can’t commit to a per annum role and prefers ad-hoc shift work. 

However, in general, our onboarding process goes as follows. First, there is an admin phase where you will need to provide proof of address, show proof of the right to work in the United Kingdom and sign a Privacy Notice (this tells us you understand how we’ll be managing your personal information). Next, you will have your first assessment with our team and be asked to fill out a questionnaire. You’ll then be matched with your personal adviser and gain access to one-on-one support throughout the duration of your time with Southwark Works.

In terms of employment opportunities, we offer a wide variety of London job types in a diverse range of job sectors. This can include anything such as part-time jobs in schools, Southwark council vacancies, investment bank graduate schemes, flexible non-profit work or planning policy officer roles that pay a per annum salary. Our jobs board has advertised a long list of different industry sectors in the United Kingdom such as design, business, administration, housing, advertising and civil service (namely with Southwark Council). 

Thanks to our association with Southwark Council, we are able to provide a range of job opportunities linked to the government and our community. These can be as varied as working in the external affairs division to assist a cabinet officer to providing support for organisations such as Orient Street Short Breaks. Working for the likes of Orient Street Short Breaks is an amazing way to give back to the community while earning money. The company provides overnight short breaks for children and young people aged 5-18 and Adults who have Learning Disabilities, Autism and/or challenging behaviour. 

Through our partnership with Southwark Council, we also have expert knowledge when it comes to contacting internal departments within Southwark Council that deal with issues that may impact your employment opportunities. That could mean putting you in touch with the right Southwark Council division to discuss housing, tax, carer’s allowance or childcare. Whereas many employment services simply exist to send you a job alert, we want to help you tackle any barriers that prevent you from fully realising your career potential.

We provide such a mixed range of London jobs as we know from our 15 years of experience that no individual is the same. Everyone has different work experience, knowledge or employment objectives, so we like to cater to the diversity of our residents. One job seeker may be suited to a remote position that can work around childcare, whereas another could need fixed-term employment based in a nearby London location so they can avoid aspects of London lifestyle that cause them stress such as traffic or commuting. 

Local jobs in Southwark (London) are our team’s main focus, however, we do accept positions all around London, from surrounding areas such as London Bridge to boroughs further away such as Peckham. Jobseekers are always asked if they would be prepared to travel or prefer a role closer to their place of residence. This ensures people only receive job alerts that are relevant to their personal job search. 

Although we welcome employment opportunities from any London-based company in the United Kingdom, all our positions are screened to ensure they offer good working conditions and meet the current national living minimum wage in the United Kingdom, as approved by the government’s cabinet office. 

If you’re interested in registering with Southwark Works, all you need to do is send us some general information via our contact form. If you’ve seen one of our London job ads that interests you, it’s always helpful to relay key information such as the job title, per annum salary (if relevant), date posted (e.g. 5 days ago), your name and contact details. 

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