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With Step Ahead virtual government-funded training courses and unwavering support, you can confidently pursue rewarding job opportunities and/or a meaningful career  – all from the comfort of your own home. Join us at Step Ahead and let us help you unlock your potential and create a fulfilling future. Act now and take the leap toward a brighter future.

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Current Courses Available:

NCFE Level 2 Certificate in Understanding Excellence in Customer Service for Hospitality – 8 days
• Unit 1: Principles of customer service in the hospitality sector
In this unit learners will look at different customer types and their expectations. They’ll also cover how to communicate effectively, how to deal with complaints and feedback, and policies and procedures to support consistent customer service.
• Unit 2: Understand effective teamwork in the hospitality sector
This unit covers effective teamwork and how it can support customer service in hospitality. Learners will also look at their own personal development.
• Unit 3: Understand legislation and guidance relevant to the hospitality sector
This unit covers legislation and guidance relevant to customer service in the hospitality sector including:
• food hygiene
• food allergy and intolerance
• diversity and equality
• health and safety
• safeguarding
• data protection.
• Unit 4: Understand professional personal standards in the hospitality sector
This unit covers first impressions and the importance of personal presentation, as well as the impact that behaviour can have on
customers and their impression of the hospitality organisation.

NCFE Level 1 Certificate in Employability Skills – 7 days
• Unit 1: Working in a team
It will cover how teams work, recognising your own strengths when contributing to a team and the contributions of others and understanding team goals.
• Unit 2: Understanding Mindset
It will provide you with an understanding of how employability can be affected by mindset, focusing on the key qualities sought by employers.
• Unit 3: Problem solving at work
This unit will introduce you to problem solving in a work context, recognising and moving current understanding of problem solving in a home, education or social situation into a work environment.
• Unit 4: How to keep improving
This unit will introduce you to the concept of ongoing self-improvement at work. It links individual self-improvement and business/organisation need for improvement in a competitive environment, improvement for progression or promotion at work and for being responsive to new demands at work.
• Unit 5: Developing assertiveness
This unit will help you understand what assertiveness is and how to be assertive.
• Unit 6: Being managed by others
This unit introduces the types of expectations line managers have of those they manage and introduces you to the understanding and skills needed to work successfully for a manager. It covers the roles of managers or supervisors, how to interact positively with a manager or supervisor and how to build a good working relationship.
• Unit 7: Health and Well-being in the workplace
This unit will aid you in understanding health and well-being in the workplace and assess risks in own future career/area of work.

NCFE Level 1 Certificate in Personal and Social Development – 6 days
• Unit 1: Developing self
This unit is all about introducing candidates to ways in which they can reflect on their own personal development and how their personal skills, abilities and behaviours can improve.
• Unit 2: Working towards goals
This unit is aimed at helping candidates to understand how to identify and work towards goals appropriately.
• Unit 3: The changing nature of society in the UK
The first part of the unit has candidates investigating why people migrate, from and within the UK. The impact of migration on communities and benefits of cultural diversity. The second part looks at the changing nature of UK society, drawing on examples of diversity in factors such as culture, traditions, and values. The benefits of multiculturalism are considered. The third part is around candidates considering how community cohesion in a multicultural society can be encouraged through shared values.
• Unit 4: Working as part of a group
This unit is all about helping the candidate develop skills to become an active contributor when working with others on group activities and to be able to review their own progress and skills development.
• Unit 5: Individual rights and responsibilitiesThis aim of this unit is to raise your awareness of your rights and responsibilities as an individual.
• Unit 6: Understand Personal Identity
Candidates will understand the factors that contribute to a positive sense of personal identity.
• Unit 7: Preparing for your next steps
The aim of this unit is to help candidates to focus on personal career plans, recognising their skills and abilities. It will support candidates to prepare and take the next steps into training or work.
• Unit 8: Managing own money
The aim is to introduce you to the basic elements of managing your personal finances, encouraging you to prepare a personal budget and to carry out transactions capably.

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Date posted: 10/10/2023

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