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Free level 3 qualification for ESOL TEACHERS

Course code: SW-COURSE-002044
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  • Location: Online

This is a GLA funded ESOL Practitioners course to provide teacher qualifications to those already involved in community teaching. The course is online and we can attract students from all over London. 

Enhance your ESOL qualifications and careerA level 3 qualification in Teaching ESOL (ELTAB)* to:

• build your confidence as a teacher,
• help you to adapt materials for different learner levels,
• address issues for lower level learners and those with literacy issues,
• integrate low level technology in your lessons

*Accredited ESOL Teacher Training at Level 3 based on the LRN (Learning Resource Network)

Supported by MAYOR OF LONDON

Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages with the option of completing
the Level 3 qualification.

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Our Commitment
We will complete a bespoke learning plan to determine your journey on the programme over maximum of 6 months. Course delivery includes an evening and weekend option, an intensive option, a school hours option, and a lower weekly hours option. There will also be one-to-one coaching sessions and targeted learning activities in small groups.

We will provide learning support if you choose to complete the final unit of your Level 3 qualification.

Course eligibility
• Aged 18+
• Existing volunteer or employed (including self-employed)
ESOL Practitioners who do not already have:
• Qualified Teaching Status (QTS),
• Newly Qualified Teaching status (NQT)
• A professional teaching qualification at level 3
(DTLLS, CTLLS, PTLLS or Cert Ed 7407)
• Delivering ESOL provision to London learners
(those who live or work in London) in a face-to-face context.

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Please visit us at or contact Lyndon Bullock on 07854 250 954

Date posted: 08/01/2021

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