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Looking for a Fresh Start?

If you lost your job for any reason during the pandemic, and now find yourself out of work, claiming Universal Credit and looking for something new, then our Fresh Start programme can help.

You’ll get an Adviser and one to one advice and support about your next steps and finding a new career.

You can contact Elizabeth or Martine to find out more about how Fresh Start can help you.

Elizabeth  07795 160 595

Martine  07917 901 153

Eligibility criteria:

  • Southwark resident 18 +
  • Claiming UC or benefit
  • Lost a job during the pandemic

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  • We offer friendly and professional advice on employment and training
  • Help with CV writing, application forms and interview techniques
  • Access to training courses in a range of industries
  • Support to help you progress to better pay, hours and career prospects
  • Help for businesses looking to recruit local talent