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Employability Workshop Inspire Lewisham

  • Date: 19/01/2022
  • Location: SE146AW

Employability Workshop

Wed, 19 January 202210:00 – 13:00

Location: Goldsmiths Caroline Graveson Building, SE146AW

The employability Workshop will help you gain skills and confidence for your placement applications, the outline of the workshop will be as follows:

Presenting Yourself:

  • The Line of Formal & Informal: Discussing ways of talking to future employers that bridges the gap between formal and informal

Preparation and Research:

  • Research tips, and what to look for:
  • Who are the people who makes up the company, what are their linked in profiles?
  • What is their career trajectory?
  • Where else have they worked?
  • Values. Mission – knowing the difference
  • What are the foundations of the business?
  • What are they focused on right now?
  • The more you research, the more you will question
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions, if something doesn’t make sense
  • What are the company’s strengths and weaknesses?

Exercise (20min)

Partner up. Give each group the participants a company with values, mission, some info from Newspapers. A job description, and now they have to come up with questions they want to know about the company to ask in their interview, and answer if they think they will be a “good fit” for this company. Also, relay their own concern as to why or why not, this might be a good place to work?

Exercise 1: 20 Minutes

Skills Mapping- Map their skills, where are their “strengths,” where are their “Challenges”

  • How to Match Skills to descriptions- Breaking down industry Lingo
  • How to counter- balance “experience” with “lived experience”

Exercise 2: 20 Minutes

Partner presentations. After doing the skills session, the partners will then go through different job outlines and they will help each other find why they are suitable for each position. Then the duo must present why and how their partner has the lived experience to qualify for a position from the job description.

Nailing the Interview 15 Min

  • Job descriptions, knowing what each position does
  • Understanding Industry Terminology- what terms we know and don’t know
  • The Art of Asking Questions: How to get a feel of what work would be like

Communication 15 Minutes

  • Verbal VS. Nonverbal Communication
  • Don’t read too much into It.
  • Look for signals of engaged speaking and engaged listening. When is the time to speak up, and when is the time to stop speaking?
  • How will you show you are listening?
  • Don’t be off put if someone listens differently from you.
  • Exercise: Final Reflections 10 Minutes
  • Go back to one of the first exercises and see if anyone feels more comfortable in going on interviews, or engaging in the workplace
  • Creating a plan: What positions might they want to apply for? What are they going to do after this workshop?

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