Occupational assessment

Occupational assessment is used to evaluate a person’s ability or potential to perform the tasks required for a specific job.

Why We Use Assessments

Research indicates that well-designed assessments predict job performance more accurately than almost any other selection method. These assessments help recruiters distinguish between job candidates’ qualities, ensuring that the best candidates are chosen for employment. Additionally, occupational assessments can help individuals identify their learning and career development needs.

The level and specific requirements of the job determine which assessment activities are most appropriate. Occupational assessments are objective and allow for a fair and consistent evaluation of candidates’ skills.

How We Use Assessments

Personality questionnaires, as well as numerical and verbal reasoning tests, are commonly used in our recruitment and staff development processes. Practicing these tests can help you prepare for assessment, but it is also important to familiarize yourself with the entire assessment and recruitment process.

Practicing Assessments

If you would like to practice some assessment tests, visit the SHL Direct website (opens in a new page). They are our main supplier of testing materials.

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