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Level 3 LAS accredited – Trainee Ambulance Practitioner

Reference number: SW-008049
  • Salary: £26,447 - £28,780 per annum inclusive of HCAS
  • Job Type: Full-time
  • Employer: NHS
  • Location: Various sites across London

Please ensure that you meet all of the criteria below, are committed, IT literate, have the hardware, knowledge and ability to apply for the roles or take part in the courses independently

Employer: LAS (London Ambulance Service)
Roles: Assistant Ambulance Practitioners
Salary: £26,447 – £28,780 per annum inclusive of HCAS
Hours of Work: 37.5 hours per week
Type of Contract: Permanent
Locations: Various sites across London
Closing Date: 23/01/2022, 23.59

Start date and location:  April/May 2022. The training location is yet to be confirmed. After successful completion of the training our current posting sectors are: North East, North West and North Central.

Closing day for applications – Sunday 23rd January 2022.

Assessments –  10th & 11th of February 2022.

Interviews – Saturday 19th February 2022.

**Please clearly state your motivation for applying for the role in the motivation question**

If you are considering applying for a vacancy with London Ambulance Services NHS Trust, please be aware it is a legal requirement to be fully vaccinated against Covid-19, by the 1st April 2022 for all patient facing roles.  If successful, you will be required to provide evidence of vaccination or Medical exemption.


You will need have access to Laptop, PC or Tablet and a good Internet connection, as you will be required to set-up an account, complete and submit an online application form.

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Main duties of the job

Driving requirements: All applicants need to have a current manual B class driving licence, valid in the UK, with a maximum of 3 penalty points and C1 provisional licence  at the time of application. A driving licence summary check will be requested from all applicants at pre-screening stage to evidence this entitlement.

Training: New AAPs will undertake a 12-week programme provided by our Clinical Education and Standards team, which will result in a level 3 diploma in Ambulance Emergency and Urgent Care Support. This also includes the blue light driving course. After successful completion of the 12-week induction, the AAP will work under the direct supervision of a mentor/Practice Placement Educator (PPEd) in clinical practice for 26 weeks. This will preferentially commence with 4 weeks in an Operational Placement Centre (OPC). Please be advised you will not be able to take any annual leave during the 12 weeks of classroom education and when in supervised practice for 6 months access to annual leave may also be limited.

Clinical education and learning: The London Ambulance Service NHS Trust adopts a blended approach to clinical education and learning. This means applicants for clinical positions will complete learning and study in a variety of settings, ranging from the classroom to online whilst at home. By accepting an offer of employment with the LAS, you agree to having ongoing access to facilities and internet for digital learning programs.

Working for our organisation

Starting salary: £26,447 inclusive of Outer High Cost Allowance (HCAS). Our Education Centres are based in Outer London. After training salary will be £26,447 if posted Outer London.  £27,157 if posted Inner London.

What we can offer: As an AAP you will be working with very established and experienced team, you will receive hands on experience across the spectrum in the service, protected training and continued professional development through individual learning accounts.

The London Ambulance Service can offer funding to support C1 theory tests and the C1 practical training and test via the C1 incentive agreement with our driving school provider, Wallace. We can only offer funding to cover the first test, the candidate will be responsible to cover any re-tests.

Person specification

Qualifications, Accreditations, Education

Essential criteria
  • Good general level of education
  • Commitment to successfully undertake and complete level 3 LAS accredited Trainee Ambulance Practitioner programme on appointment
Desirable criteria
  • Level 2 numeracy and literacy or equivalent


Essential criteria
  • Demonstrable interpersonal communication and social skills (including non-verbal)
  • Adaptability and flexibility when dealing with others
  • Potential and willingness for organisational change
  • Demonstrable ability to handle stressful/sensitive situations with tact, diplomacy and assertiveness
  • Demonstrable ability to work on own initiative
  • Potential and willingness for personal change with the ability and commitment to learn new skills
  • Ability to interact effectively with people from diverse backgrounds
  • Good verbal and written communication skills
  • Basic computer skills
Desirable criteria
  • Knowledge of Health and Safety issues

Knowledge and Skills

Essential criteria
  • Ability to undertake manual handling, including lifting and manoeuvring of patients and heavy equipment as required
  • Medical clearance DVLA Group 2 Standards
  • Full current manual driving licence, valid in the UK, with a maximum of 3 penalty points, these will then be assessed based on the conviction codes to decide if acceptable
Desirable criteria
  • Driving experience in London or other large cities
  • Experience of driving large vehicles of C1 category or above

Job description

Clinical: As directed by 999 Operations, respond as a crew to emergency calls and convey patients to treatment centres, hospitals or emergency departments as and when appropriate. This will involve using blue light driving skills as appropriate.
– To perform duties within clinical scope of practice including assessment and delivery of emergency and medical treatment within UK Ambulance Services Clinical Practice Guidelines, operational requirements, Trust policies, protocols and procedures commensurate with this role requesting supervision as appropriate.
– To act at all times in the best interest of the patient. When working with a paramedic, or other suitably qualified clinician e.g. Emergency Medical Technician, Emergency Ambulance Crew, in accordance with existing practice and/or HCPC requirements, the paramedic or other
suitably qualified clinician, will maintain overall clinical responsibility for the patient. Support and guidance will always be available either on scene by a Paramedic, Clinical Team Manager, other LAS registered healthcare professional or remotely through the clinical hub or Clinical Assessment Service.
– Complete and maintain full, accurate, legible and contemporaneous clinical records for all patients, including patient observations, medical history, treatment provided, drug administration, the context or situation and eventual patient destination.
– Based on the assessed needs of the patient where necessary administer prescription only medicines (POMS – Restricted Drugs) in line with the level of training received and Patient Group Directives (PGDs) available. Responsible for the use, movement and security of drug stocks required to fulfil the role. Where appropriate prepare and check drugs to be given by
Paramedics, Doctors and other clinicians.
– Ensure that at all times you make informed reasonable decisions including about care delivery and/or options for alternative treatment/ appropriate care pathways. This includes the referral of patients to other healthcare professionals for ongoing treatment and/or follow up via Trust
approved decision trees within the Ambulance Practitioner’s scope of practice.
– Use your Trust issued IPad or electronic device to support and guide patient referral decisions in line with the Ambulance Practitioners scope of practice and seek advice from either the Clinical hub or a Paramedic where indicated.

Communication:  Maintain regular and appropriate communications with 999 Operations regarding updates and changes to personal and/or vehicle availability and movements.
– Communicate effectively with patients, colleagues, the public and others in order to elicit information about the patient and their health problem/needs. Gain informed consent before a treatment or intervention is undertaken. Ensure that the communication of information between self, the patient and colleagues, including other health care professionals is
accurate, timely, and handled sensitively, clearly, pro-actively and in a manner mindful of safeguarding issues and patient confidentiality.
– To communicate confidential health related information to the Patient and relatives where appropriate whilst promoting understanding of the presenting and sometimes distressing condition and providing advice and reassurance with empathy, professionalism, assertiveness and tact.
– Adopt and adapt communications styles to meet the needs of the patient and/or carers, accessing interpreters in a timely manner where the patients’ needs require this. This should include situations where the first language is not English or sign language is required.
– Operate all types of communications equipment provided in accordance with service procedures

Professional and Standards:  Act at all times as an ambassador for the LAS by maintaining high standards of personal conduct reflecting service values.
– Comply with the LAS Uniform and Work Wear policy. When in uniform whether on or off duty act in a manner which upholds the values of the LAS and maintains public confidence.
–  Act only within the limits of the knowledge, skills and experience of the role where necessary referring to others in order to ensure the patient receives optimum care.
– Behave at all times with honesty and integrity making sure that public confidence is maintained.
– Identify issues of confidence and/or competence to a member of the complex management team, in order to address issues which may affect performance and delivery of patient care in the workplace.
– Report all issues which may be affecting personal capability and/or performance as soon as practicable in order that these can be managed and addressed.
–  At all times adhere to the LAS statement of duties to patients.

Date posted: 13/01/2022

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